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This year for Heroes Homecoming, The Hope Mills Area Chamber of Commerce,

in partnership with Dirtbag Ales Brewery and Taproom, will once again be hosting a Chili Cookoff!


We will have several different chili options, and the participants will get to taste and then vote for their favorite.

We will have live local music on-site. 


Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners, and a portion of the profits will be donated to a local veteran focused non-profit.


Do you make a mean pot of chili? Do you have what it takes to win one of the coveted prizes?

Enter your pot of chili today and you could win bragging rights and $$! 

Annual Chili Cookoff: November 11th!

Grilled Vegetables
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Chili Flight Tickets - $10
(Flight of 5 chilis)

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Metalworx Flag Raffle Entry -
$5 per ticket

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Please take a moment to read over the rules for entry into the Chili Cookoff!


Check in will be from 10 - 11am, Nov 11th at Dirtbag Ales Brewery and Taproom. Make sure your chili is ready to go at this point.

It will need to stay warm until 3pm when voting starts!


Contest Entries are responsible for bringing enough chili to allow for a TASTE (think shot glass size) for about 150 people. A LARGE standard crockpot should do the trick (6qt and UP). If you don't bring enough, it will directly impact your chances of winning.


The HMACC Will provide cups, spoons, napkins and electric hookups. We will not supply items not listed above, including tables, crock pots, ladles, extension cords etc... HMACC is not liable for lost, damaged or stolen goods. 


You will receive an entry number and description card. Clearly display this card at your station.

This should include the chili spice level, main ingredients and any other interesting facts.


If you feel your chili is best served with a splash of fresh lime, a sprinkle of cheese or a dash of cilantro

please be sure to bring those items with you! Presentation is EVERYTHING. 


Teams are encouraged to NAME their Chili, and decorate their table/space accordingly


At least one person must be present during the chili cook off.

Someone must be representing and serving your chili during the competition at all times. 


Guests with a tasting ticket are able to taste test from 12 - 3pm. At this point we will tally the votes, and announce the winners.

If there is chili left they will be able to purchase their favorite bowls for $5.


Cash Prizes for winners as follows:

First Place - $200

Second Place - $100

Third Place - $50


Entry fee is $25 and can be paid via the link above, cash or check made payable to the Hope Mills Area Chamber of Commerce.

We can send you an invoice for the entry fee if you prefer, just email


People may purchase more than one trip through the line. If they do so they are also purchasing one additional vote.

Please keep this in mind when inviting your family and friends come to support you!


Everyone in line and serving chili will be required to wear gloves (while not eating or drinking), and we will provide gloves if needed. 


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